Do you have enough sleep?





A good sleep as reported and discussed in Stuff You should know podcast is about six to eight hours a day. More or less than the suggestion time as yielded in problem with health.




3 responses to “Do you have enough sleep?

  1. You write English very well ! A few pointers – when speaking about youself and someone else, it is proper English to put the other person’s name first, Example : Instead of saying “I and husband”, proper English would be ,”My husband and I”. Just a little help. You are amazing! To speak and write in more than one language is a great accomplishment! You sound very smart! 🙂

    • Thank you very much for a compliment. I have to learn more, especially in writing English. I am happy to know you. Please suggestion and CMIIW (Correct Me If I am Wrong) in English and contents of this blog. Have a great day Joy.

      • You are welcome! I am very pleased to know you, too! You are an inspiration! My blog will be continuously updated. I will be adding some practice pages on proper English to be taught to children, and also for teaching English as a second language to adults . Feel free to use them, as they may be of some help to you. These pages will be added to the “Printables” page of my blog. God bless, and may you have a great day, too! 🙂

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