Tips to overcome boredom!

What I want to share here is my own opinion and has the inspiration from my friend and friend of a friend. Feel meaningless, lonely, get bored, or another feeling, can lead us reluctant to do the other thing and feel pessimistic.


Tips to have happily and nicely life based on my own opinion:


1. Move from your sit


When we are getting bored, just take a break. We can go outside, own house, to see the beautiful thing. At least for the short time we can forget the burden in life. We can see the beautiful scene out there: mountain, beach, paddy field, forest, national park, museum, and maybe another favorite place to go.


2. Try to do the best


In many things, we can feel meaningful if we can do best. Even in self-judgment there would be not enough. First thing, that we need to have are, learn to know best ability: As the best teacher, best- seller, best students, best chef, best father and best mom. If we do something in happy feeling, It might be has best result. People have own opinion. Just do the first step, this is important, to break the ice.


3. Fully charging ability


This point is part of point 2; that is trying to do best. Trying to optimize ability: continue ability with our own speed. We would not feel tried. Repetition is important.


3. Speaking with other


Get to know others. What they are doing, what they can achieve, it is very important. It is like to get good feedback for us. At least we can learn from them how they can be a success. We can have own blue print: modification from them or the expert.


4. Good to have some clubs or some training


Atmosphere or environment is important. We need to choose the best and suitable club for us. This like viral feeling and can be motivation. We can learn how to do by expert help. We have not worried something because someone can teach us how to do.


5. Having a good life pattern


A good life pattern, not mainly good food, enough exercise (doing yoga, go to gyms, cycling, hiking), has a general health check up, but also important is a mindset. If we think we can do, then we do, this will happen!


6. Reading good books and go online


For some people who cannot join many clubs, training, speaking with expert, because busy work, now we can go online. We can talk and discuss and get to know by Internet. We can buy so many inspiration books from expert. By reading a book, we can speak with authors. We can go online and see the world just only by one click!


7. The power of giving


This is better to giving than receiving, such as money given to the unfortunate outside, and other charity work. We will feel very meaningful. Wealth is given to other, such as knowledge, money, support and others. Just give, do not think about receive and let see what will happen.


8. Close to GOD


The highest knowledge, best balance emotionality should be. It is not mainly on how we success in life by using brain, knowledge, but we need to take care heart, our peace, our mind. Close to God can be the best one to get success in life and the end of the day, only for people who think and believed.


Keep trying and optimistic!


Comments are welcome.


I hope this tips useful.


Have a nice and a great day friends!


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