Homeschooling, why not !


“A, B, C, D, E, F, G,now I know my ABC’s, next time wants one sing with me”.

Those my 3 years old son sung ABC. He can sing extremely well and can memorize alphabetical bilingual. I used to teach him both English and Indonesia in simple form.

When he was six months, I used to play and teach him alphabet with flash card.

I adopted teaching strategies methods with flash card. I taught him everyday and attempted to find a convenient time, and when he is ready.

When he was one year, he could memorize human body part excellently and other vocabulary written in flash card.

One year later, he can memorize letter with clear pronunciation,  bilingual. Sometime when our family going out for dinner or shopping, he is happy to mention everything what he saw in our trip, such as advertisement board, the name of street and many other.

On October 2012, he was three years and four months old. Now he can change the mobile phone background, language, doing skype, operating iPad and MacBookPro in his way. He also can do some reading prayer and imitate us praying.

He is so lively and full of curiosity. I am happy and love to teach him everyday.

I want to take, teach and lead him the first one and give him regular training.

A happy mom.



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