Do You Feel Hungry? Winter Melon Soup might be Good!.



600 g winter melon

200 g carrot

400 g chicken wing stick

100 g celery

100 g tomato

onion, garlic, lemon, pepper powder, salt

1 L water

Chicken wing marinated with lemon and salt and let it for about 5 minutes and rinsed the chicken wing under cold running water.


Put slice of onion and garlic in boiled water, blanch marinated chicken wing in boiled water for about 80% cooked. Add big dice of water melon and carrot, salt, pepper and let it cooked for another 5 to 10 min. Add tomato and celery. Adjust seasoning and serve at once. Fried onion or onion leaves for garnish if you like.

Winter melon, very easy grow vegetable. It can grow until 15 kg. It has cooling effect. It can maintain body temperature and believed to retained beauty and young.


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