Writing? How Do You Get the Idea?

Hi friends,

Today is the same from the previous day, trip to Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Two main points, how I got the idea. Firstly, I get the idea for write by traveling or any other purposes, just move on. Secondly, get the idea just before going to bed in the nighttime.

My professor told me that I have poor English in writing thesis. Honestly, knowing that my writing in English is not very good, I started to write and I do not give up. Just practice make perfect, that what I believed.

It is very important to concern about “contents” what we want to share. Just write, the grammar will check later on. I realize writing is a good way to make happy, especially when I got successfully posted one assay, article, or short story on my blog. What I feel is fresh air come to my throat and lung. I can easily breath very well. Oh writing is great.

Firstly, I am starting to write today inside the bus on the way to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai. I am writing on Black Berry, composed an email of Google mail, save in draft, and send to my own email. When I arrived my room at Chiang Rai, I open Gmail on Mac book Pro and start to have a look my writing, reading, editing, reviewing then posted in word press.

Secondly, I successfully posted two articles yesterday, while I want to sleep in the nighttime.  I am repeating again, write in BB and keep it. In the following day I posted in daily Kompasiana in Indonesia language. I feel good.

I can listen a whisper of my soul that I have to write in English and I thought Word press or write in a blog is a good way to start writing.

And how about you? How you get the idea or inspiration on writing?

Keep spirit on writing!

Let’s writing everyday, and see what will happen!

Have a great day!.


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