Flash Fiction: “Anna and the Train”

English: A retired 'Money Train' carriage at t...

English: A retired ‘Money Train’ carriage at the New York Transit Museum in October 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning friend,


One woman, said her name is Anna. Anna would like to share what was her dream last night.

I come to one running train with a lot of money with me in my wallet. Suddenly, some of my money that I count under the running train had flown away under the moving train.

I am very sad, and I try to catch my money, but I could not do it, I failed.

There was another train behind my train, I try to jump to those trains. Lucky me, I got safely moved. Then I try to find a good chair for me to sit and relax. Having lost is painful.

Suddenly I stand up because boring and I try to walk around the running train. One lady gave some money, that is a lot, equal to my previous money that fallen down under my previous running train.

Then she said, “Hi young lady, I found your money flew to my running train. They flew and stop under my shoes, so here we go, this is your money. I return to you, I hope you are not sad anymore.”

My eyes were red. There is no dust or something come into my eyes. They just show the happiness. I could not say anything more. This is what I say to the kind, elegant, pretty and wonderful old lady in front of me.

“Madam, I feel deep impress and honor, so kind of you, thank you…thank you very much…., this is meaningful for me. I hope you have a nice and wonderful life, I did not know you before, but I feel close to you”.

Finally, Anna and the kind old lady was hug each other.


What we can learn from here is: in this modernization life, sometimes we found that Eastern cultures no more applied, such as, “thank you”, “sorry” and “help” in our daily life. Maybe those some people really busy with this hectic life. They are too busy to earn money, doing business, broken heart and maybe being shocked for what suddenly happen to them. That is why those busy people never said the three important words in Eastern culture. Just that some example.

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

This flash fiction was inspired by the story of my own friend, she found one iPhone in one of the restaurant, at that time she knew the owner and she had run to catch the owner. There is no thank you nor watch her face. He is just walking by.

Sometimes we do not need thanks you or more. What we need here is responsive and appreciated. That is all. In this life we stay together with human, not the solid things that are not alive.

Keep spirits on writing and studying English.
Please correct any mistakes in this flash fiction.
All the comments are appreciated, both in English as well as in Indonesia are WELCOME!

Thank you my friend. (CMIIW)


8 responses to “Flash Fiction: “Anna and the Train”

  1. Memang yah saking sibuknya kita menjalani hari sampai lupa pakai hati saat berhubungan dengan orang lain. Padahal kata terima kasih, maaf, permisi, tolong yang disertai senyum tulus bisa mencerahkan hari orang lain.

    • Halo bunda Alfa, memang begitu adanya. Mungkin itu juga cermin buat saya pribadi untuk lebih peka terhadap orang lain, saat teman saya itu menceritakan pengalamannya kepada saya. Kita bisa belajar dari pengalaman dari orang lain juga. Bukan begitu. Makasih sudah mampir ya?. love your pinky and cute blog :). Salam kenal ya? *jabat erat dan *peluk.

  2. My comment/s to Nilam: Keep writing in English. By doing this sooner or later you will be familiar with using the words (verb etc.) in a proper tenses. Many people does’t have any eagerness or courage to write in English because of their being afraid of making mistakes putting words (verb, etc.) in the write tenses. Actually, as long as people can understand about what we are writing, I mean the contain of it, just go on. Do not bother whether the tenses are written gramatically correct or incorrect. . That’s the way I always do.
    Hehehehehe…………bunda lagi belajar nih, dan bunda suka banget sama yang namanya bahasa Inggris.
    Nice posting Nilam.

    • Halo Bunda Yati Rachmat. Thank you very much for comments on the post. I do agree with you. We need courage then we get used to write in English. Yes, the same here. I know myself that I need more time to learn on writing and English. Anyway, sometimes, those ideas suddenly come. What I am doing, just write. I just wanna record the ideas. The moments of upcoming sudden ideas are precious. Thank you Bunda. I love English too. Bunda Yati salam kenal ya?. I am happy here and I feel that I found many people support me.

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