Is WD Hard Drive not working with Mac ?

Is WD Hard Drive not working with Mac Book Pro ?

Good morning friends?.

Do you get difficulties to transfer some files from your laptop to hard drive?. For me, yes I did. I got difficulties to transfer some of my data to hard drive. I had been used Iomega for four years.

Iomega (personal document)

Since the Iomega hard drive was full of my data, I decided to use WD Hard drive  (Western Digital) Hard Drive.

WD package (personal document)
WD My Passport Essential, Ultra portable Hard Drive, 320 GB/Go (personal document).The problem started last night when I could not transfer my data to WD essential hard drive. I could not transfer the data from and into the WD Hard Drive. I am so curious :). I am starting to googling and finally I found in Apple forums in which some of Mac-users that published the same problem with me.

The result of the googling, I have to reformat WD Hard Drive. Common Hard Drive were used to have NTFS and FAT format, whereas Mac use “Mac OS extended” or “Mac OS extended journaled”.

The Operating System (OS) of Mac OS Snow Leopard  to reformat Hard Drive as follows:

1. Connect the WD Hard Drive to Mac

2. Open Applications –> Utilities –>Disk Utilities

disk utility

3. Double click –> Disk Utilities

Click –>My passport or WD passport the farthest one.


4. Change  Window NT File System (NTFS) format orMS-DOS (FAT) format to –> Mac OS Extended (Journaled) –> click–>  Erase.

mac extended journaled

5. Click –> WD My passport –> Volume Scheme: Partition –> Scroll down –> choose partition , 2 partition or other (preference).

new partition

6. Box partitions –> click apply.


Partition disk box –> Cancel (you need to back up the file and come back later on) or Partition (You are ready to reformat)

Comment: Make sure you back up the data before reformat the file or do partition otherwise you will be lost your data.

7.  Progress of reformat on the right side of toolbar.


8. Finish, toolbar showed :).

Screen shot 2012-12-23 at 2.40.04 AM

9. Now the files are ready to transfer to WD Hard Disk :).


10. Enjoy and hope this useful. Bye :). See you later.

Ps: Finally to answer the question, Is WD Hard Drive not working with Mac? WD Hard Drive is working with Mac.

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